We’ve been lucky enough to extend The Lifespan of a Fact to make up for our shows lost in lockdown.

Not all shows are so lucky, however. Many productions have been suspended or cancelled due to lockdowns across the country. Artists are stood down without pay immediately and indefinitely.

Artists put themselves out there not to just entertain, but to help us make sense of the world. They make us smile, laugh, cry, feel, help us through good and hard times. But when we artists need help, we are told to fend for ourselves.

The arts industry is made up of a resilient bunch. We make art not for the money but that we know in our hearts it’s important for the growth of our world. Unfortunately we can’t do what we do when society takes what we give and doesn’t pay for it.

Buy a ticket. See a show. And if you can’t, donate. Donate directly to the artists who have lost so much but will continue to fight because we know art matters.

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