Subject To Change

For the last three years I have toured theatre productions to young people in Victorian and Tasmanian regional communities. Tours are their own kind of theatre beast. Long drives, early mornings, overnight boat trips, manic bump ins and outs aren’t always fun. But somehow we made it fun. My team always gave me a reason to get up, show up and never give up. The crew we met in regional theatres were always excited to see what would come out of the truck each year. The young audiences we performed to were always hungry for the show to start and eager to contribute in Q&As.

This year I’m at home watching the leaves change colour outside my window, thinking of all those kids who are missing out on seeing theatre. Seeing actors and set and lights and sound and costume on stage for the first time.

Theatre connects us. It brings meaning to our lives. It opens us up and helps us learn and grow. Our industry knows struggle. But with companies and theatres collapsing in front of our eyes I wonder what will be left for our young audiences in the years to come?

I want to make sure that excitement and hunger for live storytelling stays with our future artists and audiences through this pandemic. Keep sharing your love for theatre because I know our community needs it more than ever.

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